5 Dog-Friendly Dates To Enjoy With Your Man & Best Friend


I’ll admit it, I’ve got a bad case of puppy love. I’m head-over-heels for my husband, Caleb, and I always will be. He’s my confidant, my support, my biggest fan, and my hands-down favorite person to be around. But there’s someone else who’s stolen a place in my heart. This second love keeps me company when Caleb is gone, they always have an abundance of kisses to give and know just what to do to make me smile. That’s right, I’m talking about my dog!


And, lucky for me, my husband loves our dog, Meeka, just as much as I do (even he can’t resist giving in to any request from those wide puppy eyes)! In fact, Meeka was actually his dog first. So you can imagine the joy I felt on our wedding day when not only gained a loving husband, but a sweet little pup as well… not a bad deal!


Being the dog-crazy people we are, when we go out, Caleb and I love bringing Meeka along with us as much as possible. In fact, some of our best dates have included all three of us! So if you want some fresh new date ideas that include your man and your best friend, look no further! Here are 5 dog-friendly date ideas that your entire family is sure to love:


1. I Scream, You Scream, They Bark For Ice Cream!


Nothing beats sitting outside an ice cream parlor on a nice day enjoying a scoop of your favorite flavor! It’s always a good time, even if the metal bench leaves honeycomb marks on your legs and your hands are sticky for the rest of the day… that’s all part of the fun. And you know who else likes ice cream? Your dog! Be careful, not all ice cream is dog-safe, but there are some frozen treats that our four-legged friends can enjoy with us. Many ice cream shops do offer a “pup cup” of simple vanilla or peanut butter ice cream to give your pet, what a lucky dog!


Many chain restaurants like Dairy Queen and Shake Shack offer dog-safe ice ice cream. In fact, you can even ask the cashier at places like Sonic or Chick-Fil-A if they have any dog biscuits behind the counter… the chances are they will at least have a milk bone for Fido to devour while you and your man snack on a treat.


2. A Day At The Disk Golf Course


Frisbees, parks, walks, outside?! Your dog will love you forever if you take them along on this date! Caleb and I love to play disc golf. He’s great at it, me… ehh not such much. Nonetheless, it’s always a fun time and I’ve never managed to lose more than one disc in a single trip (at least not yet). As for Meeka… yea, she loves it! Of course at first she would always want to go run after the disc (I mean, that’s just a natural dog instinct), but we’ve been able to curb her retrieving impulse just enough to get through an 18-hole course.


Don’t know of any disc golf courses in your area? Well, I’ve noticed that there are so many hidden courses I never knew about until I looked on DG Course Review. Check it out for yourself and make sure to read the reviews to find the best spot for your next park date!


3. Build Something Fun For Fido


Caleb and I love doing crafts and DIY projects together. It seems like almost every weekend we end up building some sort of new furniture item for our home. And Meeka, being the spoiled dog she is, has her fair share of hand-made projects! We’ve built Meeka a leash holder, toy box, and even a dog bed perch (which is now located right next to the window so she can watch every squirrel and mailman that goes by). Plan out your project and then take a trip to Lowe’s. Feel free to bring your dog along, Lowe’s is a pet-friendly store!


Need an idea for something to build? Check out some of our favorite DIY projects here (we would add a link to DIY tutorials).


4. Lazy Dog Beach Day


My family is lucky enough to live right on the coast of North Carolina, so we obviously spend countless days every summer (and yes, even some in the winter) enjoying the beach. But even if you don’t live along the coast, there’s bound to be a lake, river, or even a community swimming pool close enough to make a day trip out of it. Make sure to bring plenty of water along for your dog and set up a shady spot for them to relax in so they won’t overheat.


If your pup is a doggy-paddling pro, let them splash around in the ocean for a bit and take along some water toys for them to retrieve. We love any Chuckit! toys, and our favorite ones to bring on a beach date are the Amphibious Toy and the Tumble Bumper.


5. Become Chefs For A Day


Cook up some romance with your man by trying your hand at a new recipe! Have fun in the kitchen by whipping up some yummy pasta or put a unique twist on something classic like a burger. Try and include some dog-friendly ingredients into your dish, then put a few small portions of it aside so that your pup can join in on the feast!


Are you more into baking? Make something sweet with your sweetie! And since you already have the oven on, you might as well make some homemade dog treats like Finley’s Favorite Treats for your favorite furry friend!


Have any free time this weekend? Start planning a fun date with your loves… I’m sure you’ll get plenty of kisses from them both!


Did you try out any of these date ideas? Let us know how it went! Send us a message with pictures from your date for a chance to be featured!

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