DIY Custom Dog Ornament
It’s more often than I’d care to admit that I come across things in stores that gets my creative mind going. Recently, I found some basic border collie ornaments at my local Cost Plus World Market. I almost couldn’t believe it, as I never see border collie themed, well…anything! The “dog things” that I do see are usually frenchie, black lab, dachshund, and pug themed (don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them, they are all super cute and popular breeds, but…come on!).
However, the ornament wasn’t quite right because I don’t have typical black and white border collies. But then I thought; Hey! I can paint these up to look like my two pups!
In this DIY tutorial, learn how I customize a simple wooden carved ornament to look like my dogs. This is a very simple, easy mode DIY that anyone can do! Also, this ornament in particular is a basic dog shape. It could be painted up to look like any kind of floppy eared breed! Check out what I made with mine…




Materials Needed:

  • Wood carved ornament (I found mine at World Market)
  • Gesso or any acrylic primer of choice
  • A paint palette or scrap piece of board
  • Variety of acrylic or craft paint (you don’t need professional paints. I’m an artist so this is just what I had on hand already)
  • Small soft brushes
  • Clear protective top coat (I used Krylon Acrylic non-yellowing crystal clear)




Clean Surface:

Be sure to wipe your ornament with a cloth to remove any dust or dirt before applying your acrylic primer.


Prime Ornament:

Next, prime the ornament. This will help to not only cover what is already painted on there, but also add some “tooth” to the surface, which helps the colored paints to adhere better to the surface. Start with a light coat of primer, starting from top to bottom. You can probably use a spray primer which would likely be quicker and smoother, but this is what I had on hand.


Apply First Coat of Color:

Go ahead and squirt a little bit of paint out on your palette. You won’t need much. I’ll start with painting my dog Cassie. Start painting light to dark.

Here’s a pro tip: Use a nutcracker to remove paint tube caps that are stuck on.

Start working from light colors to darker colors. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point, we are just trying to block in color and get an even coat of paint.

Allow the first coat to dry completely before starting on your next coat of paint.


Apply Final Coat of Color:

Its time to do the final coat, and blending in the colors as needed. Make sure to add any unique characteristics that would define the dog. For example….Cassie has black markings along her snout, and Finley has freckles on his face and feet, so once I painted those details on, the ornaments really start to represent them.

Its attention to these small details that REALLY make the difference between a generic dog ornament verses YOUR dog ornament.


Apply Protective Clear Top Coat and Enjoy!:

Make sure you allow to dry completely before applying the top clear protective coat.

Once that is dry, hand them up on the Christmas tree and enjoy your new custom dog ornaments!


Have fun customizing your pet’s ornament! If you try this DIY out,  send us a picture of your custom ornaments, we would love to see them!  Please leave any questions below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for watching and please let us know of any other DIY ideas you’d like to see in the future and we’ll try our best to make it happen!


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Necessary Video Credits:
Music: “Summer” by (creative commons license)
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